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Curious Magazine Issue No.2

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Inside the Revenge Issue:

Throughout history, artists have gone through great lengths to create colorful scenes of epic tales of revenge. What lives within us that drives us to share our stories of deceit, betrayal, torment, pain, revenge, and justice? In this issue, visual artists, musicians and writers have captured the curious complexities that define revenge. Whether one is the victim of an act of revenge, or the one seeking and plotting an act of revenge, a range of human emotion reveals itself. Throughout you will find themes or gender identity, class, sexuality, pettiness, jealousy and power.

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An Interview with Plasmic

I’m hella queer, and although I don’t write love songs, my song Baby Machine is about feeling pressured into heteronormativity. I try to write my feminist songs intersectional. It’s important to remember not all women have the same parts and acknowledge trans men’s experiences too. Read More


Millennial Pink

Issue No.1

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Inside the Millennial Pink Issue:

From IKEA trinkets to music video backdrops, makeup brand logos to fine art, a certain set of hues of pink have become essential to portraying the current aesthetic. It is so prevalent in fact, that the term “Millennial Pink” has been coined as the popular nickname for this salmon-y, peachy, pulpy, soft pink that we seem to find everywhere. What makes this hue so appealing to the masses?